Most Efficient

SRW to Install on the Market


  • Performance of a conventional 12” deep block with 2/3 the weight
  • Patent-pending rear lever captures backfill weight to add stability for design and constructability
  • Pinless system
  • Flat base for quick leveling
  • Vertically aligned cores allow for easy stone filling
  • Various face options available
  • Rear hand holds for lifting

The Design

  • 3 piece look with 1 square foot units
  • Top nodes create a 5.4 degree set-back (3/4’ per course)
  • Vertically aligned cores allow for easy stone filling

Trinity is designed to create a MSE (Mechanically Stabilized Earth) structure using conventional geogrid. A popular feature of this system is the lack of required pins and clips, which brings ease to the block’s installation. Also, the ability to easily knock off the side pieces allows for tight radii and batter/running bond adjustments.


  1. Frictional – MSE with Geogrid
  2. Structural – Earth Anchor/Soil Nail (Patented Connection)
  3. Gravity Mass – No Fines Concrete


cross sections

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