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Why Gravix?

  • Designed for Heavy Rail applications
  • Stem lengths typically 60% of the wall height meeting AREMA requirements
  • Integrated E90 Top Unit
  • 100% precast, 100 year+ concrete design life
  • Onsite soils can often be utilized with the Gravix system
  • Gravix Slot Construction – tighter sites adjacent existing rails, utilities & obstructions
  • Stem lengths up to 40 feet available



The Gravix wall units vary in stem depth dependent upon the wall height, as well as surcharge. A standard unit is 32 SF of face area (8’ x 4’). A typical wall section has the longest units at the bottom and get shorter as they are stacked vertically. Also, an inverted cross section is available using shorter stems at the bottom of the wall with longer stems at the top. The precaster can then provide a complete retaining wall package to the highway contractor. Gravix, providing the larger precast unit and a complete retaining wall system, allows the highway contractor to use less labor, common equipment and achieve higher installation rates, saving time and money.

All of the units incorporate a triangular section in the stem perpendicular to the face that allows the weight of the backfill to bear on the units below, thus transferring downward pressure, which results in a stabilizing effect. In combination, the units create a coherent gravity mass designed to resist overturning, sliding and bearing failure. The design methodology follows the AREMA as well as AASHTO guidelines of a conventional Prefabricated Modular Section 11.11 retaining wall.


Heavy Rail applications require the design of large horizontal loads as specified by Class 1 and AREMA guidelines. Gravix has an E90 top unit specifically reinforced to carry a Cooper E80 or E90 (90,000 lb axle) load.


  1. Eliminate temporary shoring
  2. Provide a safer sloped back-cut
  3. Reduce infill stone volume


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