FORIX: Unprecedented

Engineering Efficiency


  • Installation efficiency
  • Ability to work in tight sites
  • Custom aesthetics
  • 1/3 to 1/2 the weight of the leading big block system (less material, up to 2/3 more square footage on truck for shipping, smaller equipment – mini-excavator to install)
  • On-site soils can be used at the design engineer’s discretion

Forix® precast modular wall system provides innovative engineering and performance. This system involves large precast blocks that bring efficiency to the construction of a wall with its economical weight when compared to others in the market.

Installation with this block is very fast. Easy to handle and place block. Love it.

Wilber Martinez,
Global Stability


Forix has rear legs with triangular geometry to create an arching effect. The backfill places a downward pressure onto the units. The system is capable of a turning radii with the option of a 90 degree corner unit. Lugs on the bottom of the units allow for automatic vertical alignment control. Other features include free draining with stone infill and ability to design and construct Forix walls in less time than market competitors.


The rubber textured liners used in the production of the Forix cast units produce a deep 5.5” reveal. Various face styles (eight for the Bouldercrest style), when stacked randomly, provide a mixture of stone sizes to emulate a natural stone stacked retaining wall. Contact your local Forix rep to see what styles are available in your area.



Bouldercrest Grey


Allgau (Same as Gravix Face)


The table below compares Forix to its leading competitor in the precast modular retaining wall market in terms of weight and truck load capacity.
*140lbs/CF for concrete

TYPE SIZE WEIGHT Number on Truck
Forix® 28″ 765lbs 60
Leading Competitor 28″ 1,519lbs 30
Forix® 60″ 1,185lbs 36
Leading Competitor 60″ 3,150lbs 14


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