Our Executive Team recently met to finalize our Mission, Purpose and Values Statements. These statements provide our employees a guide for how we can sustain and grow Earth Wall Products.

Our Mission is: To innovate the geostructural grade change industry by providing unparalleled products and creative engineered solutions. 

Our Purpose and Values are: Earth Wall Products exists to honor God and serve others by striving for excellence and working with integrity for

Our EMPLOYEES – by equipping, encouraging, and challenging our employees to achieve great things

Our PARTNERS – by creating win-win relationships, serving each other with respect, and celebrating the successes of our hard work together

Our CUSTOMERS – by listening, understanding, and putting the customer needs first while creating value through excellent quality, workmanship, and service 

Our COMMUNITY & WORLD – by giving back through our time and resources by crossing cultures while equipping disadvantaged peoples to self sustainable lifestyles